Cummins ISX / Signature Engine Fuel Injector Leak Test Kit 3164001 Alt

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High quality alternative tool kit Made in USA by IE Works. 
Replaces CUMMINS Tool Number 3164001

Excerpt from QuickServe: 
-- This test checks for combustion gas leaks back through the injector rail check valve or other conditions that will allow gas leakage through the injector into the fuel rail. 

When the engine is barred over, backpressure is created against the injector by the piston coming up on the compression stroke. 

During the test, if the rail check valve is leaking, air is pushed through the rail check valve and into the fuel rail. Pressure is sensed at the test fixture, which is in place of the metering actuator. If a manometer is connected to the test fixture, pressure will be measured as air escapes through the leaking rail check valve. If a container of water is used instead of a manometer, bubbles will be seen as air escapes through the leaking rail check valve. 

The overhead set marks on the damper are used to identify which cylinder is on the compression stroke, and therefore which injector has malfunctioned, if a change in manometer pressure or bubbles are seen. -- 

What's Included: 
•Test Adapter Plate 
•Barb Hose Fitting 
•Flexible Tube (Tygon - Diesel Resistant) 

Engine Application: 

Cummins ISX 
Cummins Signature