4-Port Oil Cooler for 2013+ Nissan Sentra CVT Transmission Upgrade (IEW-N8) Solves Overheating Problem

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The CVT transmission on 2013 and newer Nissan Sentra is prone to overheating, 
causing it to whine, jerk, slip, go into limp mode or complete failure.

To keep the CVT from overheating, we recommend installing this four port oil cooler. 
The additional two ports will let you add an auxiliary oil cooler (sold separately). 
The auxiliary oil cooler will provide more surface area to cool down the transmission oil. 

Replace the two port oil cooler to the four port oil cooler. 
Install the auxiliary oil cooler. 

Click Here to view the instructional video.

Product Details: 
Brand New Oil Cooler Part Number: IEW-N8 
Brand New O-Rings 

Nissan Sentra 1.8L CVT 2013 - 2018 
Replaces Nissan Part Number: 21606-3JX0B 
For Nissan Jatco CVT7 Transmission Code: JF015E / RE0F11A